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Come and Join Us...please feel welcome to our Sunday Worship and help us to get to know you by staying for tea / coffee after the morning Service.

Sunday for Children of all ages in the Church at 11am thereafter the Hall.

The Sacrament of Holy Communion is celebrated on Sunday 3rd March 2019.

The Guild Meetings:

Tuesday 19th February at 7-30 pm in the Memorial Hall - Land of the Long White Cloud - Ms Sybil Semple... all will be made very welcome.

Tuesday 5th March at 2pm in the Memorial Hall - Notable women of Aberdeen - Mrs Irene Sinclair... all will be made very welcome.

Tuesday 19th March at 7-30 pm in the Memorial Hall - Wills - A McK... all will be made very welcome.

Tuesday 2nd April at 2pm AGM & Communion

Help us maintain our buildings, in support of our parish and community. Help us with 'Easy Fund Raising' where, when you do normal everyday on-line shopping, at no extra cost to you, we get a small donation. Please click on the link below and give it a try!

The Annual Stated Meeting of the congregation is aftert he Morning Service on Sunday 24th February 2019

Social Diary 2019

Quiz & Cake..... Sunday 10th March at 7pm
Christian Aid Soup and Sweet Lunch..... Sunday 19th May at 12 noon
Games Night..... Friday 21st June at 7pm
High Church Hilton Variety Show..... Saturday 28th september at 7pm
Winter Craft Sale..... Saturday 2nd November at 10am -12noon
Christmas Lunch..... Sunday 8th December at 12noon

Fair trade goods can now be purchased from the shop on the lower end of Union Street

Don't Forget the Instant Neighbour Food Bank donations of non-perishable foods and toiletries can be placed in the Box at the Back of the Church

Living well Cafes, which are focused for people with memory loss, Dementia, their families and carers, are being held on alternate Thursdays, in the Hall, at 13-00hrs.

Details of the Living Well Project can be found on

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The Church of Scotland’s website provides information on the activities of the National Church
The Church of Scotland in Aberdeen provides information on Presbytery

With our situation close to Aberdeen University High Church Hilton has a particular welcome for Students; through the websites information on the Christian Unions at Aberdeen and Robert Gordon’s can be found at & &
It will surprise you what is going on in the Kirk... visit
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