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New Members are always welcome to join our organisations. If you would like more information please contact this website , the Minister or the Session Clerk


Bowling Club: Large Hall, Rosehill Drive Monday Evening 7pm/9pm Contact Billy Rae


Guild: Meets fortnightly...Memorial Hall, Rosehill Drive

SYLLABUS 2016-2017: Theme... Whose We Are And Whom We Serve

November 15 2pm Marjory D'Arcy,Grampian 50+ Network + Bring and Buy
November 29 7-30pm Forces Chaplaincy -Rev.Gordon Graig
December 6 Christmas Lunch
January 10 2pm Rev Ewan Gilchrist Glimpses of the Kingdom
January 24 7-30pm Scottish Evening / Financial Report and Disbursements
February 7 2pm Sandy Scott Aberdeen Parks Department
February 21 7-30pm Annual Gathering DVD
March 7 2pm Mission International Project in Haiti
March 21 7-30pm Frances Martin -Fun at Weddings
April 4 2pm AGM and Afternoon Tea
Convenor: Lesley Steel 01224 493552, 24 Rosehill Drive AB24 4JJ
Treasurer: Helen Ormes 01224 491266 79 Rowan Road AB16 5EA
Elma Cruickshank, Annette Leys, Kathleen Dawson, Alicia Murray, Christine Kench, Cathy Rhodes, Muriel Knight, Betty Rollo


Wednesday Club: Meets monthly 2pm/4pm,Memorial Hall,Rosehill Drive

The Wednesday Club, pleasant & friendly gathering.
There is always a welcome for new people to join us.


Badminton: 19-30pm Large Hall Contact John Miller


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