I'm New. What if...

What if Church was more than just a one hour Sunday service with meeting friends, hymns, prayers bible readings and sermon? What if Church mattered? What if it made a signifigant difference in our lives? In our families? Our communities? What if it made sense, and helped making sense of our lives?

The Church of Scotland and at High Church Hilton we think it does. We particularly encourage youth the Guides and Boys Brigade but more than that we want to welcome families please come and join us..

High Church Hilton + YOU = Our Family= Real Differnence.


Welcome to High Church Hilton, whether you are new to Aberdeen / just visiting / or just want to know more about Christianity... you will be made welcome.

This Church of Scotland looks forward to getting to know and be involved with you in the life of the Church, Parish & Community. But in the first instance it is easy for you to see what we are like, perhaps you want to try us for a few weeks if so just attend any Sunday at 11am.

For more information on Church life and affiliated organisation we commend our website to you and hope it will help you see what’s on.

Then when you wish to discuss further or join us please make yourself know either directly to the minister or the people on the door or contacting us via this website. We promise you a warm welcome!

Who We Are

We are the local, Church of Scotland, Parish Church, we are very pleased that you have joined us, we look forward to getting to know you and to be involved with you in the serving our Church, Parish & Community. For more information on Church life and affiliated organisation can be seen on this website.

This short welcome provides background to our Church and Parish. We hope that you will soon come to be an active member of our fellowship.

The brief History of High Church Hilton started in 1930 when Aberdeen Presbytery recognised that new communities were growing at Rosehill, Hilton, Cairncry and Cattofield. The site for the new church was purchased, in June 1st 1932, for the princely sum of £750, construction commencing on January 14th 1935. The building constructed by A. C. Rennie and Sons of Brechin cost £10,550.

The Foundation Stone was formally laid on 24th April and services commenced on 24th November 1935, with the dedication service in the hall.

Formal ministry began, on 29th January 1936, with the induction of the first minister, the Reverend J. D. Brown. The Church building was completed and dedicated on 30th September.

High Church Hilton, perhaps, should be better named High Church at Hilton, this recognises that in fact the story and history of our Kirk precedes the above timings; the original High Church was located at Schoolhill, but due to changing demographics the congregation moved to the new High Church at Hilton, thus providing an nucleus for the development of our new parish, John Clark moving from Schoolhill became our first Session Clerk, another reminder of this transition is Memorial Window which was transferred from the old High Church and ensures that the fallen of the congregation would not be forgotten.

Sited at the 6 Roads Roundabout, the Church, (designed by the Aberdeen Architects George Bennet Mitchel and Son), soon assumed a pivotal role in the parish. As with the buildings themselves our congregation and worship balances both the traditional and modern aspects of our Church.

1936 Reverend J. D. Brown
1945 Reverend Horace Walker
1948 Reverend Henry B. Meikle (died in service)
1958 Reverend James B Mirrilees
1977 Reverend Andrew M Douglas
1997? Reverend Peter Dickson
2011 Reverend James Davis (interim)
2013 Reverend Hutton Steel

Session Clerks:
1935 John Clark
1942 William M Cattanach
19XX William R H Gibb
1949 James D Leighton
1957 Neil Blacklaw
1958 John S Paton
1967 Thomas G Cobb
198? George Souden
199? Norma Gibb
200? Simon Barker
2011 Rhona Patterson

Notable items:

1935 We were the first Church Extension to be opened.
1935 27th Scouts and 47th Guides started to use our Halls
1936 Baptismal Font was donated by the Children of the congregation
1937 Our First Organ was given by Miss Lumsden of Begavies, Forfar
1938 The blue Chancel Carpet which had been in the chapel during the Empire Exhibition in Bellahouston Park was donated in recognition of us being the first extension Church
1948 over 500 Children attended the Sunday School picnic at Kinaldie
1954 the need for a new Church Hall was identified
1954 our Boys Brigade company was formed
1961 Foundation Stone of the Memorial Hall was laid this marked the Semi Jubilee of the opening of the Church

Over the years our Church has received many blessings, some significant legacies, one of which from Edwina England, was used to install our current fine organ, which previously had been in Carden Place Church

Our Mission Statement: ‘To Tell the Good News of Justice, Love and Peace through Jesus Christ,who is Lord of all’ remains a focus within the congregation and to continue to teach the scriptures with integrity.

We also recognise that we are the focal point and must serve our Parish and Community and therefore hope that members will be supportive to this and be involved with our organisations or other pastoral initiatives.

We need to ensure that we have sufficient funds not only for this local work but to support the wider work of the Church of Scotland. Therefore the Church runs a Freewill Offering scheme; offerings can either be via formal Envelopes or Bank Standing Order. If you are a tax payer we would appreciate recommend that offerings are made via Gift Aid donations, our Free Will Offering Convener can assist.

We acknowledge the support of the Zyberweb Team in developing and maintaining this website www.zyberweb.com
We at High Church Hilton would like to draw attention to the following Web Links:
The Church of Scotland’s website provides information on the activities of the National Church

The Church of Scotland in Aberdeen provides information on Presbytery

With our situation close to Aberdeen University High Church Hilton has a particular welcome for Students; through the websites information on the Christian Unions at Aberdeen and Robert Gordon’s can be found at
homepages.abdn.ac.uk/aucu & www.rgucu.com & www.uccf.org.uk
It will surprise you what is going on in the Kirk... visit www.churchofscotland.org.uk
High Church Hilton suggests that praying can help www.trypraying.org
High Church Hilton highlights the work of Aberdeen Seafarer Centre via the following web link: www.aseafarer.com
High Church Hilton advises that the following link will put any part of the Bible in a variety of versions on your screen www.biblegateway.com

High Church Hilton advises that the following link contains details of a wide variety of Christian events in Aberdeen www.the-abcd.org.uk